About us

We value well-made products and want to share our love for beautiful things with you. At Summer Nights Studio, we sell not only handbags and accessories, but opportunities for growth in your personal and professional life. 

Take a chance and snatch up one of our delicious handbags so you can go out and set the world on fire!

Currently, we are based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, which is not a bad place to be, surrounded by stylish people. 

Our sourcing methods are quite stringent and we strive to only offer products made in Europe, with small batch runs. We value slow fashion and work closely with manufacturers to ensure the utmost quality. By sourcing our products in Europe, we cut down on transportation emissions and ensure workers are paid appropriately for their labour.

Our mission is to encourage women to own their confidence, be true to themselves and stand out from the crowd. Sometimes all it takes is a little colour burst, or pick me up, in the form of a well accessorised fashion item. 

So go on, get out there and show the world what you're made of!